About Us

Perhaps the most defining aspect of contemporary art is the difficulty of defining it critically. Before the end of the sixties, in fact, most of the works could easily be labeled as the result of a particular pictorial school.

Who We Are.

Even in the seventies and eighties you can see certain trends such as conceptual art, performance art, feminist art, pop art, graffiti. Art after the modern era has also been transformed by following economic, global, political and socio-cultural changes.

What We Do.

The increasing speed and volume of exchanges of ideas, economic resources, information and culture around the globe also takes place in the art world.

How We Do It.

Many of the barriers and distinctions within art have fallen, contributing to a liveliness and multidisciplinarity typical of contemporary art that often made it right.

Our Work

Contemporary art should not be confused with the works of modern art, although trends and movements can directly relate to modernism. Many of the directions of modern art are involved in the basic exploration of painting, such as color, brush stroke and canvas.

Project Title.

The philosopher and art critic Arthur Danto has asserted that modernism, understood as the history of art itself ,came to an end with the creation of Andy Warhol’s Brillo boxes, which functioned as art itself despite highly distinguishable from their reality counterparts. These sculptures then marked the end between art objects and non-artistic objects.